dbDoc does not include changelogs for sql scripts

I’m experimenting with the dbDoc generation and for all types (xml, json, yaml) EXCEPT sql the Past Changes and Pending Changes are generated.

Is this expected or a bug?

Are you using formatted SQL (http://www.liquibase.org/documentation/sql_format.html) or just referencing a normal unformatted SQL file?


I’m using formatted sql:

–liquibase formatted sql

–changeset marceloverdijk:2

create table company (

    id int primary key,

    name varchar(255)


–rollback drop table company;

–changeset marceloverdijk:3

alter table company add (address varchar(255));

comment on column company.address is ‘The address of the company’;

–rollback alter table company drop column addresss;

When I generate the dbDocs (both command line and via maven plugin) the company table does not contain any pending or past changes. 

Note that table contains the 3 columns as the changesets define.


Thanks. I created https://liquibase.jira.com/browse/CORE-1467 and will take a look at it.


Looking a bit more, this is expected behavior. Liquibase doesn’t have an sql parser so it doesn’t know “create table X” sql is affecting table “X” like we know with a change. 

The changes do show under the general pending changes and SQL but not tied to a particular table. It’s a limitation of formatted sql.