Default Schema as code in repository

Hi Community

I would like to validate if it is possible to have a default schema from the set of files instead of a database itself. I’m currently running some migration from SQL Server to PostgreSQL and SQL Server offers the Sql Server Data Tools where you can have your database project there, you have all the schema as files and you can modify the object files, ex: Include a new column to a table or create a table function or any other object, you always work with the files being a database as a code. Today the driven schema of the database is based on the repository and not on a database server. Using the SSDT you can build this project that generates a dacpac files and you can apply it to any target db, and the changes you have in the repository will be deployed to the db on the server.

Is this possible to do with liquibase?

Which a repository with liquibase look like?


Hello, @rafaeldemenech - Welcome to the Liquibase Community and thanks for posting your question.

I’ve passed your question along to some folks on our team as I was unable to find an answer online for you. I found a few links that may help, but when I have more info from the team, I’ll update this post.

You could also join us for our meetup next week and ask your question during the Q&A potion -