Defining property dynamically with query in database

Hi again,

is there a possibility to define a property dynamically with a query in the database?

For example I need to query an id to update some tables with . Can I also use the property in the (or ) statement?

It would be okay when I have to use custom sql to get the value for the property.



Are you talking about changelog properties ( ? Those cannot be defined from a query.

To use subqueries in an update “update X set manager_id=(select id from person where name=‘Bob’) where …”, you will have to use


You can’t do something like:

update table1 set field1 = ‘xyz’ where language_id=1 and key = ‘test’


I need to query an id and temporarily save it because it's not allowed to use the same table in a subquery of the WHERE-statement.

UPDATE table1 SET field1 = 'xyz' WHERE id = (SELECT id FROM table1 WHERE language_id = 1 AND key = 'test')

So a statement is not the solution :(

Hi Nathan,

sorry, I took a bad example.

Sometimes I have to get an ID and have to use it later again. Example (I hope better than the last ;-):

  1. Lookup ID for role "admin"
  2. Set property "admin-role-id" = result from the lookup
  3. Update () table "users" - set role to property "admin-role-id" for user "zierhut"

Yesterday I had the idea of testing it with in the . It didn't test it right now but is it possible to use there a sql query like "(SELECT id FROM roles WHERE title='admin')"?

Thanks for your quick replies!


I think the valueComputed with a select should work fine assuming your database supports that. Otherwise you can use subselects like your select in an block (again, assuming  database supports it)