Develop a mechanism to isolate and manage database changes per tenant. Extend Liquibase's existing rollback capabilities to cater to a multi-tenant architecture

I want to create a liquibase structure for rollback multi tenat

We’ll need you to elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish.

Need to implement rollback mechanism for a multi tenant data base

That still doesn’t really explain what you are trying to accomplish.

Liquibase is able to rollback changes to individual schema in a multi-tenant database, which I assume you are referring to Oracle.

So In my project I am using postgres sql there is multi tenancy is configured in my project so while I am writing changeset for database so first it will store in master database and next it will store in both configured tenant database that is tenant1 database,tenant2 database.So while rollbacking the changes it is rollbacking in master but not in both the tenants.