Developing a friendly interface for changeset and changelogs generation


I am wondering on how to develop an interface for changeset and changelog xml generation.

The main idea is to present a web page to the user, then he may choose and select his script needs (like a wizard SGBD screen), and then the web app output scripts for different databases (such as Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase…).

I initially started unmarshalling XSD Changelog to work with POJOs, but I am just checking if is there a better way to do that.

Thank you in advance!

The underlying Liquibase objects are probably the best way to work with objects rather than starting with the XML. I tend to see the XML as a possible serialization format, but not the root of how you should be working with Liquibase programatically.

Liquiface ( is an existing open source 3rd party project to make a nicer interface to Liquibase. Datical ( is company building a more enterprise-level application on top of Liquibase which includes a nicer interface for creating and managing changelog as well as features like forecasting changes.