Developing on Azure DevOps/Azure Pipelines

Hey there, folks!

Just a new user here (and new using Liquibase itself) who is trying to find any kind of existing material about a specific issue: creating a CI/CD pipeline on Azure DevOps for Liquibase.

I’ve already found an example using maven here:

But the thing is that it looks to me that I wouldn’t really need Maven to do that. And, in other words, how it would be the recommended way of developing such thing inside Azure DevOps?

A few possibilities arise:

  1. Adapt the docker image to be Azure DevOps-compliant
    See Container Jobs in Azure Pipelines and TFS - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Docs
  2. Add some step on the pipeline to install liquibase prior to actually running any steps;
  3. Anything else?

Do you guys could find any more suitable way of creating this pipeline?

Thanks a lot.

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I will ask some folks internally here at Liquibase to see what they might have… and welcome! It’s great to have you here!

Hey @gbieul – this might help

I can’t take any credit for it – all comes from one of @szandany (many thanks to you!!!)

He also suggested the same docs link from microsoft for possible guidance on how to use our docker image without local installation.

Curious to see what others in the community might have to add.