Development: How to use a modified xsd in liquibase unit tests

I’m working on a change to liquibase that requires a change to an xsd file.

However - although in IntelliJ I can change the xsd file, and then also change (say) the common.tests.changelog.xml to add a test case for the new change, I find that running the various unit tests (especially the db IntegrationTest classes) is causing problems. Errors that the new attribute is not allowed in the element.

I’ve changed the common.tests.changelog.xml to point at the modified xsd (instead of the dbchangelog-3.6.xsd that was there). I’ve tried changing the various xsd’s in the test resources to reference the new xsd (e.g. changing the h2 complete root.changelog.xml and siblings). None of this works - still get the same error.

Seems like perhaps it is always loading the xsd from the web?

The errors are happening both inside IntelliJ and when running “mvn clean install” from the command line.

Is there an approach to changing an xsd, and being able to write tests for it?

Note I’m modifying a 4.9.1 version of Liquibase.