Diff between DB engine

Hi, I have been using liquibase diff option for a while for same database engine and it works pretty well.
I have a case and like to see if liquibase is the right tool. I have migrated a database from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

  1. In Oracle, all schema/table/index/columns are upper case. In PostgreSQL, they are lower case
  2. Some data type is different which is normal for different engine.

Is it possible for liquibase to to diff? I just want to make sure table, index, columns match in both databases (case insensitive).

Hi @caifeng123 Thanks for joining the community.
I am not sure that diff has a case insensitive filter. That would be an enhancement request to the way that diff works today. You can submit the enhancement request on our issues in github or even create the code with a PR in the same repo.

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