diff between two integral changelog.xml

There isn’t support directly for that currently. You could update one database with your existing changelog then build another database with oaw and do a diff between those two and output the diff as changeSets.



I’m a java developer that use oaw to generate some stuff for my jee application and i would like to generate also liquibase changelog.xml so that i can integrate it in my application development.

The problem is: I cannot generate a diff changelog.xml each time because oaw generate stuff from scratch every time and is unable to understand differences between two generations.

The question is: there is a way to generate a diff changelog.xml taking in input two integral changelog.xml ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, I know; Thanks.

My goal is to generate automatically the diff w/o user activities.

If I find any diff utilities working with xml I will try to do it myself.

Anyway, many many thanks.