diffChangeLog for Informix db

I did my first diffChangeLog for Informix db. My reference db is simple:

create table “adissys”.t1 (
i int,
c char(20),
unique (i) constraint u7);

create table “adissys”.t_v_dpdp
c_drp integer not null ,
c_drp2 integer not null ,
k_vzdpdp nvarchar(1) not null ,
upd_date datetime year to fraction(1) not null ,
d_odzds date not null ,
unique (c_drp,c_drp2) constraint “adissys”.u14,
check (c_drp < 100000 ) constraint “adissys”.c20,
check (c_drp2 < 100000 ) constraint “adissys”.c21

create table “adissys”.t_r_vdsub
c_ds decimal(11,0) not null ,
c_dansu2 decimal(11,4) not null ,
typ_vzds nchar(1) not null ,
pozn_rz nvarchar(40),
kod_prak integer,
check (c_ds != c_dansu2 ) constraint “adissys”.c30
create index ix1 on t_r_vdsub(kod_prak);

Target db is empty. diffChangeLog was created, but without unique and check constraints. it contains just CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX .

Welcome @roze,

Could you post the exact contents of the changelog created from the diffChangeLog process? Trying to see if this is a bug or not.



I run:
liquibase --changeLogFile=mf.informix.sql generateChangeLog

and I got this:

--liquibase formatted sql

–changeset adissys:1595449791164-1
CREATE TABLE t1 (i INT, c CHAR(20));

–changeset adissys:1595449791164-2
CREATE TABLE t_r_vdsub (c_ds DECIMAL(11) NOT NULL, c_dansu2 DECIMAL(11, 4) NOT NULL, typ_vzds NCHAR(1) NOT NULL, pozn_rz NVARCHAR(40), kod_prak INT);

–changeset adissys:1595449791164-3
CREATE TABLE t_v_dpdp (c_drp INT NOT NULL, c_drp2 INT NOT NULL, k_vzdpdp NVARCHAR(1) NOT NULL, upd_date DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION(1) NOT NULL, d_odzds date NOT NULL);

–changeset adissys:1595449791164-4
CREATE INDEX ix1 ON t_r_vdsub(kod_prak);