diffChangeLog unable to generate change log file with version 4.25.1

The log is not being generated with the latest version of liquibase. Following is the exception

ERROR: Exception Details
ERROR: Exception Primary Class: ClassCastException
ERROR: Exception Primary Reason: class liquibase.changelog.ChangeSet cannot be cast to class com.datical.liquibase.ext.changeset.ProChangeSet (liquibase.changelog.ChangeSet and com.datical.liquibase.ext.changeset.ProChangeSet are in unnamed module of loader java.net.URLClassLoader @5f184fc6)
ERROR: Exception Primary Source: Microsoft SQL Server 13.00.6435

We are using the pro version of license and the sql driver version is

  • internal\lib\mssql-jdbc.jar: Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server 12.4.2 By Microsoft Corporation