diffChangeLog with two offline databases

I have two manually created changelog files. The first, from.xml that represents the previous state of the database, and to.xml that represents the current state.
Now, from these two I want to create a migration (changelog), but all i get is a file with no changes.


The diffChangeLog compares live databases or offline database snapshot files, and produces a changelog. It does not work with the actual changelog files. Database snapshots are created by running the snapshot command.

At this point you can’t really go back and capture a snapshot of the previous state, since you have already updated to the current state. But, in order to do what you what you want to do, you need to take a snapshot, run update to deploy your new changes, and then run diffChangelog` to produce a changelog with the new changes.

The format for specifying offline database snapshot files is documented here:


Feel free to ask more questions if this is not clear.