diffTypes=data doesn't work in Pro


I have been using the filter command generate-changelog with diffTypes and it worked perfectly. But when upgraded to Pro version diffTypes=data stopped working, it doesn’t return anything, instead the other data types work fine.

liquibase --defaultsFile=liquibase.rrhh.properties --changelogFile=seeder.postgresql.sql --overwriteOutputFile=true --diffTypes=data generate-changelog

In the image says changeSets count: 0

When we deactivated the license it worked again.
Here, says changeSets count: 32, is the same command line.

What are we missing? Or is it a bug?


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Hi @Valen - That does sound likely to be a bug to me. You can report that here: How to Report Liquibase Issues and Bugs | Liquibase.org

Also, as a Pro customer, you can contact support anytime: Contact the Team at Liquibase | Liquibase.com

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Thank you! I’m going to try both.

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