Does Liquibase provide Error Handling Mechanism

Is there any way we can get the information of the failed script and reason for the failure in SQL Server

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Great question, @Dinesh1 - hopefully I can find a great answer for you :wink:

I found references to error handling in the precondition documentation for Liquibase. Have a look and see if it provides the info that you need. preconditions | Liquibase Docs

If not, please reply and I’ll relay it to the team so we can put more eyes on your question.


Thanks fir reply.
We are using .sql files for eg a.sql ,b.sql, c.sql.

If b.sql fails is there any way to get the reason why the deployment of b.sql file has failed.

You should be able to specify the error handling using the information in the preconditions documentation. Here’s a direct link to the section of the page with that information and examples of how to configure it. preconditions | Liquibase Docs


You should get all errors in the output from Liquibase. Ae you not seeing those?

You can also use logLevel to adjust the Liquibase logging level.