does onValidationFail work for checksum errors?


I was wondering if the “onValidationFail” attribute is controling the behaviour when a checksum error occurs?

I’m asking, because in our app we have some special changesets that are generated and might add some columns to createTable/addColumn tags on the next run. We know, that we want to skip (MARK_RAN) them whether they changed or not. I was trying “onValidationFail=MARK_RAN”, but I still get checksum errors. So what I now use is “runOnChange=true” and a precondition that will skip the change in this case. Is there a better way to achieve this?


The onValidationFail flag is not for checksums, but for “can this change work on the given database” check.  I think if you an empty tag it will tell liquibase to not care about the checksum for that changeSet.