Does the liquibase-maven-plugin have a default execution phase where it runs the update goal?


Maybe its intended behavior, but I didn’t find it documented anywhere. It seems that liquibase runs the update goal by default during the default maven lifecycle. Is that correct? I’m accustomed to migrations running on application startup or perhaps even at the beginning of the test phase. On my Spring Boot test project, liquibase is (without any execution configuration) running migrations even on mvn clean compile. It also doesn’t show any output in the logs indicating that it had ran, like it does when running normally on application start up or when invoked intentionally.

I can run mvn liquibase:dropAll, verify my DB is empty, and then run mvn clean compile, and see that the migrations were ran. The output log shows nothing from Liquibase.

Could someone help me understand this behavior and how I can properly configure the plugin to only run on application startup or when I specifically invoke it?

Thank you!

To be clear, it looks like it is bound to the process-resources goal of the default lifecycle by default.