dropAll fails when tables have child partitions - postgres

When running dropAll, and the database has a partitioned table, the dropAll process fails when attempting to drop the partitions. (Liquibase version 3.4.1, Postgres 9.4)


master_table_201508 (partition table)

master_table_201509 (partition table)

“master_table” is created by liquibase, but the partitions are created by a trigger/function

It looks as though liquibase is taking a “snapshot” of the existing tables and then dropping one-by-one. However when the “master_table” is dropped, the partitions are also dropped and liquibase gives the following error when trying to delete the partition tables.

ERROR: table “master_table_201508” does not exist [Failed SQL: DROP TABLE “public”.“master_table_201508” CASCADE

Is there a way to work around this? i.e by turning off the cascade delete or changing how the dropAll is handled?