Duplicate space deletion

Hi everyone

I’ve noticed some interesting behavior when Liquibase compute MD5 sum of a changeset
It perform some kind of space trimming but it treat not only leading and trailing spaces, it checks also the spaces in the middle of a string: Liquibase delete duplicate spaces so the strings
insert into AAAA values('one ‘two’)
will give us the equal checksums, but in this case this is incorrect in my opinion

I don’t think anyone would disagree, so I have created a ticket in Jira to track this.


Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc. http://www.datical.com/

Thanks for creating the issue, Steve.

Denis: What version of Liquibase are you using? I have made some improvements over the last couple releases around how spaces are handled. Also, are you using XML format, Formatted SQL? Or a different changelog format?


Hi, Nathan

I’m talking about sql changesets that are inside XML tags, like this:

Oh, forgot to mention, it’s liquibase 3.5