Dynamic, sql-based custom change class

This is more of a question of style.

I’m implementing a custom change class that is currently querying the database to programmatically figure out what data to modify using Stmts, ResultSets and DatabaseMetaData from:


I’m wondering if I should:
a) issue the queries that actually modify the database from the change class itself, or
b) return them as an array of Strings - after using queries to determine what they should be

I’m leaning towards a) as it seems like 1 less step but wondering if there is any problem with modifying the database directly from a custom change. Should I just implement CustomTaskChange in this case?

If you are modifying the database directly, you would want to use CustomTaskChange.  I would recommend returning your SQL as an array of strings, however, in case you want to use the updateSQL command to output what would be executed.