Ecrypted paswords


Can we pass encrypted cipher sql server passwords to liquibase?


can we just run updateSQL goal without giving it datbase properties? i just want to generate SQL files from changeset for PROD, of which i dont have access to connect to actually.

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can you pleas elook at this query asap

Hi @Pooja , you can run updateSQL to generate the SQL that Liquibase would run on a database.
To answer your earlier question, as long as it is on the jdbc url, you should for all intents and purposes be able to use encrypted passwords.

thanks a lot for fast reply, we have a prod build goign out with liquibase for first tiem today.
and i am not able to generate output SQL with update SQL for prod context.
can you help me with required properties?

above is my url.
what should i pass in username password?

In your file you can pass in the encrypted password using password=yourencryptedpw
Or you can pass on the command line via --password=yourencryptedpw

i tried that in maven command:
mvn clean install -Psql240 -Denv=prod -Dgoal=updateSQL -Dusername=svcWeb -Dpassword=1b2bd7483b2dc308e31178be2e3c710c41b72fde99b7333fe9c493a15c794532329776ac2f67c88b528b7317f174##b9cf

but it says:
Error setting up or running Liquibase: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: Login failed for user ‘svcWeb’.

what kind of encryption is it looking for? any specific key?

Hi @Pooja Now that we know this is from maven, you might try information in this tutorial.

If that does not help, then I would suggest signing up for a paid subscription to get support for your specific environment.