Error in dropIndex in Postgres 9.4

Actually I am working with Liquibase 3.3.2 and Postgres 9.4 and I want
to upgrade it to 3.4.1. So I started my tests and I found a problem:
When I have a changeset like this:


       <createIndex indexName="idx_name"

schemaName=“my_schema” tableName=“my_table” unique=“false”>

liquibase 3.3.2 there is no problem, but with liquibase 3.4.1. I got
an org.postgresql.util.PSQLException and says that the index
doesn’t exist. I have saved both sql statements in a file and this
is the result:

Liquibase 3.3.2:

DROP INDEX my_schema.idx_name;
Liquibase 3.4.1:

DROP INDEX idx_name;
So, I see that the newest version doesn't add the schema name to the sentence.

This is how the index was created in a previous changeset:

      <column name="my_column"/>


Thanks a lot !!