Error running changesets after 4.7 update

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There seems to be an issue in 4.7.1 occuring when “KEY”, “VALUE” column names are spelled lowercase in the changeset xml.

Caused by: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLSyntaxErrorException: Column “value” not found; SQL statement:
UPDATE TABLENAME SET “value” = ‘xxx’ WHERE key = ‘yyy’ and value = ‘zzz’


<update tableName="TABLENAME">
            <column name="value" value="xxx"/>
            <where> key = 'yyy' and value = 'zzz'</where>

Changing the changeset to uppercase <column name="VALUE" value="xxx"/> resolves the issue.

The problem does not occur in 4.6.x.

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Hi @marcin Thanks for joining the community and alerting us to the issue. In the meantime as a possible workaround, you might be able to use object quoting strategy
objectQuotingStrategy Attribute | Liquibase Docs and quote all names.

Hi @MikeOlivas, thank you for your response! Unfortunately, the objectQuotingStrategy doesn’t fix the issue - I believe this might be because our column names (“key”, “value”) are reserved words and are auto-quoted in each object quoting strategy.

Changing the column name to uppercase does help, but is not ideal because it invalidates the checksum.

Hi @marcin, Yes that would make sense using reserved words. As another workaround you could create a valid checksum and then add that to the changeset.

For newer tables, I would stay away from reserved words in the database.