Error with Node liquibase initialization

I am on Node JS and doing the following:

const Liquibase = require('liquibase').Liquibase;

const myConfig = {
  changeLogFile: 'changelog.postgresql.sql',
  url: 'jdbc:postgresql://' + process.env.DB_HOST + ':' + process.env.DB_PORT + '/' + process.env.DB_NAME,
  username: process.env.DB_USER,
  password: process.env.DB_PASS,
  logLevel: 'WARNING'
liquiBase = new Liquibase(myConfig);

Works great on my local machine. But when I deploy to a server I get the following error on the last line.

/usr/local/app/node_modules/liquibase/dist/liquibase/liquibase: line 77: : command not found

We tried installing Liquibase on that machine. (I thought that was already in the npm) But it still doesn’t work.

Error: Command failed: /usr/local/app/node_modules/liquibase/dist/liquibase/liquibase

–classpath=“/usr/local/app/node_modules/liquibase/dist/drivers/postgresql-42.2.8.jar” --logLevel=“WARNING” update

It looks right, is it a problem with the server not having the environment variables set correctly?