Euro symbol (€) saving to SQL Server as '?'

I have a changeLog with an insert that looks like:



After running the changeLog against SQL Server 2008 R2, that row gets populated with the “CurrencySymbol” as ‘?’, instead of ’ €’. 

As an alternative, I tried:

INSERT INTO General.Currencies
VALUES (3, ‘Euro’, ‘Euroes’, ‘EUR’, ‘€’)

But the result was the same.

Not sure if it’s relevant, but here is the command I am using:

java -jar liquibase.jar --classpath=“C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 3.0\sqljdbc_3.0\enu\sqljdbc4.jar” --changeLogFile=“dbchangelog-master.xml” --url=jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;database=“MyDB”;integratedSecurity=true update

I can go into Management Studio and easily change the value by hand, but I’m aiming to have everything taken care of by liquibase, so I don’t need to start keeping a post-Liquibase to-do list.

I should also mention the column datatype is NVARCHAR.