Executing Liquibase.jar via command line


Now a days we are executing a shell script that is using a command line to run liquibase.jar. We are using already for one year, and works perfectly.

Few weeks ago, we updated the liquibase.jar to use the version 3.2.2  and now I see the problem that we have the jar hard coded inside the project and we don’t know the version that we are running if we don’t run the command line. I would like to have more control about the version of the liquibase jar, and know which version we are running.

So I would like to know if there is any solution to can get the liquibase.jar in a pom dependency. There is any reason why it is not in maven repository this jar ? I can fix it creating my own repository in our nexus, but i think would be also useful for other people, to have it public.

Thanks in advance,

The liquibase-core jar contains the command line interface and is located in Maven Central. You can use the following pom definition:

  1. < dependency >
         < groupId >org.liquibase</ groupId >
         < artifactId >liquibase-core</ artifactId >
         < version >3.2.2</ version >
    </ dependency >

Thanks! I will try that ! :wink:

It is working perfectly! thanks!!