Extending Add|DropForeignKeyConstraintChange & Add|DropForeignKeyConstraintStmt

I’m trying to modify the the Add/DropForeignKeyConstraintChange classes for SQL Server to add cascading referential integrity (e.g. ON DELETE SET NULL) to the referenced table as a Trigger instead of as part of the constraint as per the discussion in my previous thread. Is it possible to extend these classes in 1.9.5 and supply my sub-classes of these to the Liquibase change factory without modifying the Liquibase source and having to compile it myself? If not, is it possible to do this in 2.0? Should I consider trying this using the RC version of 2.0?


I answered you question at http://liquibase.org/forum/index.php?topic=155.0.  Liquibase 2.0 is definitely the way to go.

I assume you found it, but in case others have the same question…

Let me know what problems you run into so I can better improve the documentation