Extending JdbcDatabaseSnapshot

I am writing an extension for Interbase. The class liquibase.snapshot.JdbcDatabaseSnapshot includes some database specific code in method getUniqueConstraints (createSql). Is there a way to extend this class to replace this method?

generateChangeLog fails due to this specific method…


There isn’t a great way to extend/replace it yet. It is planned with the 3.3 release, but that won’t help you now unfortunately. 

JdbcDatabaseSnapshot is constructed in SnapshotGeneratorFactory.createSnapshot(). You can call SnapshotGeneratorFactor.setInstance() with a subclass of SnapshotGeneratorFactory that returns a subclassed JdbcDatabaseSnapshot. That is the best I can find at this point.


Thanks Nathan! When is 3.3 expected to be released?

Unfortuantely no plans yet. I’m trying to wrap up the 3.2 release, possibly next week. I’d like to have 3.3. follow about a month after that.