Facing issue with custom Precondition




  •     public String getVersion() {
  •         return version;
  •     }

  •     public void setVersion(String p_version) {
  •         version = p_version;
  •     }
  • }
  • Your code should work. I created https://liquibase.jira.com/browse/CORE-1402 to track it and committed a fix for 3.0.3. It should be out in the next couple days.


    Thank you for the fast answer.

    I will then wait for the next version to do my modification.


    I’ve tested it with liquibase-core-3.0.4

    It works !

    Adrien SCHIEHLE

    Glad it’s working for you. I also introduced your call to getExpectedResult() for the next liquibase release, thanks for pointing it out.