Fixed breaking build

I noticed that a full build of Liquibase was not completing normally.  This was due to a change that was made on December 20 to  There were some other places in the codebase that called a method in there that were not updated to reflect the new API signature.  I changed them so that the build now completes normally.

Please have a look in particular at AbstractLiquibaseMojo.  The final parameter to CommandLineUtils#createDatabaseObject() is apparently the filename of a Liquibase properties file.  Such a filename is available in the mojo to be passed here, but from a quick run through the code I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to pass it along here, so I opted for safety and just passed null.  It is quite possible this is the wrong decision.

Happy New Year everyone.


I had noticed that too, but had apparently forgotten to commit it :slight_smile:

Your changes look good, thanks