Generate updateSQL using offline did not include insert statements to databasechangelog

I was trying to use offline mode to generate updateSQL script. I could see a script was successfully generated. But I cannot see any insert statements to the databasechangelog created. Am I missing something? I am using 4.2.2.


And on a second topic, the changelog.csv file seems to have updated after the run. Is there an option not to do so?

One more issue, sorry

Using offline mode, it gives ERROR instead of WARNing of some checksum error. Please note that I was upgrading from older version of liquibase. Running it against a database seems to be fine.

[ERROR] 1_0_001.xml::1240325080280-1::x (generated) was: 1:ed42d3978d726cdea877ca3e5330b927 but is now: 8:159b416c8419103906bb4444c734edec