GenerateChangeLog changing Decimal(24,8) to decimal(7,8)

Hi, I’ve generated a changelog using generateChangeLog over an MSSQL db, and am now trying to use the generated changelog to populate a new DB.  It’s working well, until it comes to a table which has a decimal(24,8) column, and the changelog is trying to create a decimal(7,8) column - and fails as 7 is smaller than 8!  I’m running the latest version of liquibase (as of 2 days ago).  This problem is also about to present on the next table in line which has a ‘numeric(24,8)’ column, and that too is showing in the changelog as ‘numeric(7,8)’.  Any help greatly apperciated.  Thanks.  Ian

EDIT:   I have seen the forum discussion so thought I’d post part of my generated changeLog to show it doesn’t appear to tbe the ‘real’ issue mentioned in it:


Thanks, I created to track it.