generatechangelog creates changelog with most tables without column

Hi, I have an existing SQL Server 2008 R2 database with many tables. The generatechangelog command (I am running via Maven, if that helps) generates the list of all tables, with primary keys, indexes and views.

Out of all the createTable tags all except one have columns in them in the changelog, but in the database all tables have columns.

I am using liquibase 3.0.8 and sqljdbc4, any idea why this is happening?

I’m not sure why you are seeing this. It works fine for me in my testing. Is there anything you notice that all the missing columns have in common?


Were you ever able to resolve this? I’m running into a similar issue now using Liquibase 3.2.2 and MySQl 5.6.  Out of approximately 200 tables in my database (all of which have columns), only 2 show up with columns in the changeLog.xml.

Otherwise I just see a bunch of the following: