generateChangeLog (MySQL) does not work with cross schema foreign keys?

We’re using MySQL 5.5 and a database designed with mysql workbench.

We have defined multiple schema’s with tables inside them ofcourse.

tables in the schema’s can have foreign keys to another schema’s table.

I’m using maven to run liquibase:

I’m willing to provide the .sql to create the entire database structure to reproduce this problem. But not through public channels.

Could this have any relevance to and by any chance?

The fix for CORE-1784 may apply to your problem even through you are seeing a different symptom. CORE-1785 will add the support you are looking for to create a single changelog across multiple schemas. It is implemented for the command line version so far, so the change just needs to be added to the maven plugin.

If you could send your sql to me I could make sure the fixes address your problem.