generatechangelog on oracle sets user to upper case

I am attempting to generate a change log from my existing database using the generatechangelog command, However the resulting changelog is blank. running the command with the debug logging turned on I can see that the command is running the sql statement SELECT SEQUENCE_NAME FROM ALL_SEQUENCES WHERE SEQUENCE_OWNER = ‘DBUSER’. The issue is that the user that I have in my database is “dbuser”. How can I set liquibase to not capitalize the username field when running the generateChangeLog command. This also appears to be an issue with the diff commands as well. when I run the sql command directly in oracle, due to the case mismatch it returns no results.

I am running liquibase 3.1.1 to support the spatial plugin, but I tested it on 3.2.2 and the issue is still present there.

The command and properties that I am running:

  1. liquibase --changeLogFile="origChangeLog.xml" --logLevel="debug" generateChangeLog
  2. driver: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
  3. url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE
  4. username: "dbuser"
  5. password: ***

I have tried both this and username: dbuser both produce the same results.

the debug log results:

  1. liquibase --changeLogFile="origChangeLog.xml" --logLevel="debug" generateChangeLog
  2. DEBUG 9/16/14 1:26 PM:liquibase: Connected to "dbuser"@jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE
  3. DEBUG 9/16/14 1:26 PM:liquibase: Setting auto commit to false

    from true

  4. DEBUG 9/16/14 1:26 PM:liquibase: Executing QUERY database



  5. INFO 9/16/14 1:26 PM:liquibase:  origChangeLog.xml

     exists, appending

  6. DEBUG 9/16/14 1:26 PM:liquibase: MissingObjectChangeGenerator

    type order:     liquibase.structure.core.Catalog    liquibase.structure.core.Schema    liquibase.structure.core.Sequence    liquibase.structure.core.StoredProcedure    liquibase.structure.core.Table    liquibase.structure.core.Column    liquibase.structure.core.PrimaryKey    liquibase.structure.core.ForeignKey    liquibase.structure.core.UniqueConstraint    liquibase.structure.core.Index    liquibase.structure.core.View

  7. DEBUG 9/16/14 1:26 PM:liquibase: UnexpectedObjectChangeGenerator

    type order:     liquibase.structure.core.Catalog    liquibase.structure.core.ForeignKey    liquibase.structure.core.Schema    liquibase.structure.core.StoredProcedure    liquibase.structure.core.UniqueConstraint    liquibase.structure.core.View    liquibase.structure.core.Table    liquibase.structure.core.PrimaryKey    liquibase.structure.core.Column    liquibase.structure.core.Index    liquibase.structure.core.Sequence

  8. DEBUG 9/16/14 1:26 PM:liquibase: ChangedObjectChangeGenerator

    type order:     liquibase.structure.core.Catalog    liquibase.structure.core.ForeignKey    liquibase.structure.core.Schema    liquibase.structure.core.Sequence    liquibase.structure.core.StoredProcedure    liquibase.structure.core.Table    liquibase.structure.core.Column    liquibase.structure.core.PrimaryKey    liquibase.structure.core.Index    liquibase.structure.core.UniqueConstraint    liquibase.structure.core.View

  9. INFO 9/16/14 1:26 PM:liquibase: No changes found, nothing to do
  10. Liquibase ‘generateChangeLog’ Successful

I added to track the feature, but it won’t make it until 4.0 unfortunately. The problem is that the code currently doesn’t know if people typed the user in lower case but mean the upper case version or if it is actually upper case.