Getting started (from scratch)

Glad you found it. Liquibase checks the extension so it knows the format the changelog file is in.


I’m also starting from scratch and had to figure out how to get it running. So far I got it to recognize MySQL jdbc driver and connect to database successfully, but I can’t get it to apply the changeLog yet.

From liquibase directory (C:\Liquibase\liquibase-2.0.3-bin), I run the following commands

java -jar liquibase.jar --url=jdbc:mysql:// --username=username --password=password --changeLogFile=changelog.txt --classpath=C:\jdbc\mysql-connector-java-5.1.18\mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar updateSql

Hi there, I looked at the liquibase project with interest. I’m a regular mysql user, python programmer and work in Ubuntu 10.04 Linux with MySQL 5.1.41 but I know nothing about Java.

I downloaded the liquibase latest version (2.0.3) and took a look. Working at the command line I can display the help and version but I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I could not get anything else to work.

My first big issue was that I had no idea how to specify the url being requested for the database. After some googling and guesswork I settled on


Next I have no idea what to enter for the mysql driver. I tried com.mysql.jdbc.Driver, mysql.jdbc.Driver… nothing seems to work. I can’t even find any explanation of how to determine this parameter or set it up. Mysql is working fine on my system via PHP, Python and the mysql command line client.

Any chance of some help? I’ll be happy to be pointed to appropriate documentation.

Ok, I found out why I could not apply the change log. As you can see in my previous reply as Guest, I was using “.txt” extension for the changelog. Liquibase is working after I changed the extension to “.xml”.

So the correct command to run in Windows 7 from liquibase directory (updateSql