Have you rolled out Liquibase company-wide?


I’m the VP of Customer Success at Liquibase and I’m looking to interview people from the community who have rolled out Liquibase company-wide, or across a medium to large software organization. I’m planning to write a blog post series about the best practices for doing this.

I’m interested in the technical, organizational and process aspects. Really, I just want to speak to people who’ve been involved in such a rollout and understand what worked and what didn’t. You don’t have to be a Liquibase customer - I’d like to get a diverse perspective.

I’m happy to do the interview “on background” if you’d prefer to remain anonymous or your company is sensitive to having their name used. But if you’re open to me quoting you, that’s great, too. Happy to share the limelight.

You can just reply here or contact me at ryan@liquibase.com if you’re open to a discussion.

Ryan Campbell
VP, Customer Success