House-keeping questions


  • the 1.9.4 release still has 1 open item
  • the 1.9.5 release still has 8 open items
How can that be the case with either of them, seeing as how they've already released?

Why does changelog.txt no contain any info on 1.9.5?

In looking here,, I do not see tags for either 1.9.4 or 1.9.5.  Is there a reason or is this just an oversight?  If it’s the latter, would it be possible to create them now?


Those items should be moved in jira out of the given releases to a 1.9.6 release or to 2.0. 

The changelog.txt file not containing a 1.9.5 is an oversight.  It shoudl be added, although it is just bugfixes.

There should be 1.9.4 and 1.9.5 tags.  I didn’t tag them since the source is included in the released files, but they should have been.  It makes SVN diffs easier between releases.  It should be possible to create the tags by checkin date/time.  I will look into the release dates and create the tags at the correct places.

Thanks for pointing these out.


Is the “before-refactoring” tag equivalent to the 1.9.5 release?

I’m having a problem and I’d like to get the code.  I’m using 1.9.4, so a tag of that would be ideal.  Barring that, maybe 1.9.5 will be close enough.


Sorry, I hadn’t gotten to making the tag yet.  Too many things going on over the last couple weeks.  I created a /tags/1_9_4 tag and a /tags/1_9_5 branch.  The /branches/1_9 is the current version of the 1.9 series (currently 1.9.5, there have been no bug fixes in that branch yet)

The before-refactoring tag is quite old.  I removed it because I don’t remember what it was for even :slight_smile: