How change liquibase.changelogParseMode?

I am using liquibase 4.19 and spring boot 3.0.4.
I want change the parametr liquibase.changelogParseMode to LAX but nothing works.

I am calling a method -;
And add to argArray option: --changelog-parse-mode=LAX and --changelogParseMode=LAX
But throwed error: liquibase.exception.CommandLineParsingException: Unknown option: ‘changelog-parse-mode’.

Also add System.setProperty(“liquibase.changelogParseMode”, “LAX”);
Also there is no field for this setting in the spring configuration.

How can i change it ?

Hi @Roman,

You could try using LiquibaseCommandLine instead of commandline.Main see the docs here: LiquibaseCommandLine (liquibase 4.21.1 API)

It works with newer functionality, like changelogParseMode.

Alternatively, you should be to set the system property on startup inside your application, like you indicated System.setProperty(“liquibase.changelogParseMode”, “LAX”);

You are correct, there is no spring configuration option (yet) for changelog-parse-mode.


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