How do I know how long it took to deploy a changeset?

Hi, I would like to ask you if there is a way to find how long a deployment of a changeset took. For me the best way would be a column in DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table.
I know that there is the column DATEEXECUTED in the table DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK but there is only information about date executed not time needed to deploy the changeset.

You can get the start and end timestamps from the Liquibase output, but this does take some effort to determine the duration for each changeset.


You can do it by calculating it. it’s just a diff between date of the first changeset executed and the last one.


@JirkaS If you register your changelog with liquibase hub, Hub will have the information you are looking for. How long a changeset executed, how long the entire changelog executed, etc.

Thank you all for your advice