How do you run a specific changeset from command line using labels?

The only way to accomplish what you want would be to apply some label to all the changesets that do not have any labels yet. You might label everything with “base” for example. This is by design and unlikely to change, because changing it would break so many other workflows.

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.

I tried to use labels to run a specific changeSet. But the problem I am having is it runs other changeSets as well which do not have any labels assigned. Is there a way around it ? I am open to using a context too but the main criteria is that other changeSets should not be forced to specify either a label or context. 

I tried setting the root node with a default context . But in this case when I specify the specific context from the changeSet I want to run in the command line, none of the changeSets are executed. 

Thank you for responding. I added context to all my changeSets so I can filter them.