How does Liquibase handle Oracle Tables and columns that are "quoted" ?

There are two things to check. 

The first is to check whether the changelog being generated has the correct case. Hopefully it should. Once you have confirmed that, there is an attribute you can apply to individual change sets to set the 'quoting strategy' to be used. Here is an example:
I was just speaking with Nathan (benevolent dictator for life) and he realized there isn't really a way to set that quoting strategy globally on a changelog, so he is going to put that on the list of feature requests. 

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.

I have several tables in my Oracle database that have quoted names and columns


(“Col1” varchar2(50),

“col2” varchar2(50)


When liquibase generates the changelog, I lose the quotes and all my table/column names become uppercase.


(COL1 varchar2(50),

COL2  varchar2(50)


Any thoughts on how to “escape” the quotes, to re-generate the tables as originally created?