How should changelog property changes be handled?

Please at least provide a method to keep the behavior as it is in 2.0; we rely on it heavily.


When I first implemented changelog properties, the plan was to have them work like Ant properties in which once they are defined they cannot be changed (

It appears that in some versions, such as 1.9, there was a bug where properties could be redefined and some people have relied on the feature (

So I’m wondering what your thoughts are on handling properties? Should they be redefinable or not?

I like the idea of being able to set a property in the changelog file, but then be able to set it earlier (like by command line or system property) and not have the value re-set to what is in the changelog file. That lets you have a default value and then override it when needed.

I think the best solution is to keep properties global and not overwritable, but add a new “local-property” or “variable” which is local to the changelog file and and can be redefined for each changelog. Should those be redefinable even within a changeLog so you can set it once, do some changesets, then set it to a different value?



Yes, definitely. Any fixes for the referenced bug will be new functionality.