How to build Liquibase

I just cloned the liquibase from github and need help to go further.

1. Can you point me to some build instructions.

2. If there is an IDE recommended and any instructions on that would also help.

3. Any inputs on how the code is organized is also appreciated.

Thank you.



I find only these build files. 

find . -name build.xml

I want to build the liquibase-core. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you, Laird,

build worked,

now I am learning about maven.

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Liquibase is built using Maven.  You can read more about Maven here:

In a directory containing a pom.xml, you type:

mvn clean install



Which java version should be used? I get an error when trying to build?

liquibase2\liquibase-liquibase-20333bb\liquibase-core\src\main\java\liquibase\integration\cdi\[3,35] error: package does not exist

Thank you!

Any Sun/Oracle JDK 1.5 or higher should work. What are you running?


I had that pulled in for master, but now pulled it into the 2_0_x branch for the upcoming 2.0.4. Thanks


OK, good. I’ll take a look at master. I must have been thinking of a different unneeded import in 2_0_x


I had the same problem using Maven and Java 1.6. There is an unused import of Norman

Thanks Nathan.

2_0_x branch is not affected. The CDILiquibaseConfig class was added on January 29th on master with commit this . So 2_0_x works fine :slight_smile: