How to cancel the checksum of liquibase


Hi @jcf ,

Liquibase store an md5 checksum with each changeset entry in the database changelog table to detect differences between what is currently in the changelog and what was actually ran against the database. Read more here. This could not be disabled. However there are multiple ways if you are facing checksum issues while executing a changeset:

  1. You can use runAlways="true" to execute the changeset on every run, even if it has been run before.
  2. You can use runOnChange="true" to execute the changeset the first time and each time the changeset has been changed.
  3. You can also use validCheckSum which adds a checksum that is considered valid for this changeset, regardless of what is stored in the database.

Find more details here.

Having said all this, could you please help us with more details about why do you wish to disable checksum calculation in liquibase?

Rakhi Agrawal

Thank you. There are tens of thousands of insert tags in XML, which leads to a large number of verification statements at startup and slows down the startup speed

Put all of the insert statements into 1 changeset, then only 1 MD5SUM needs to be calculated.

ok,thanks very much :grinning: :smiley: