How to generate a SQL file with rollbackSQL with offline mode

Hi all

That is the question. I want to generate a file with the sql rollback sentences from a changesets file, but I want to do it without active connection, I mean, offline.

So I tried with this command:

java -jar liquibase.jar --url="offline:postgresql?changeLogFile=changelogfile.csv" --changeLogFile=MyChangesets.xml rollbackSql MY_TAG_DATABASE > "/path/to/output/file.sql"
But I got this error:

Unexpected error running Liquibase: Could not find tag 'MY_TAG_DATABASE' in the database

I am pretty sure that the tagDatabase 'MY_TAG_DATABASE' is in MyChangesets.xml file, is like:

  <changeSet id="MY_CHANGESET_XXX" author="author">

, but, as I said, there isn't database because I am working in offline mode.

How can I generate the rollback sql file with offline database?

Thanks a lot !!