How to generate rename column instead of drop column

Hi there,

I’m new with Liquibase. I have researched on that case but still stuck.
+ Database: PostgreSQL 9.6 on Ubuntu 
t1.a on target. 
Of course, I can it manually but I hope other ways. Are there other way to work around ? 

Please ask me if you need more detailed info.

Thank you.

Hi Danial,

Thank you.

It means we cannot use rename column automatically. Of course, I think it’s hard for Liquibase to know when it should drop or add or rename a table/column. 

Hu Luan,

this is exactly the reason why automatic change management does not work. I’ve never seen a tool that is able to distinguish a rename vs. drop and add (works for columns or for tables). This decision can only be made by a real person having extra knowledge about the system using the datamodel and if you provide that context to a tool you are half way of doing it right yourself.

kind regards