how to make command line tool build changeLog with a single changeSet?

Hello Everyone,

Recently I was using Liquibase on databases i was developing from scratch.

Now I’ve faced some legacy applications and want and version control to them.

When I run liquibase command line tool to build an initial change log, I found out that it generates changeSet for each database object.

I would prefer that the whole changeLog contained a single changeSet, is the some flag for command line tool to do it?

PS If not - not a big deal, since I can clean the log file with a regexp :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


There is no support for having everything in one big changeset because it is generally best to have one change per changeset. Liquibase tries to run each changeSet in a transaction so that if there is a problem part way through it will roll it all back, but most DDL commands are auto-commit and so you can run into troubles if you have more than one in a changeSet.

If you want just one changeSet, a regex to fix it up is probably your best bet.