How to set diffChangeLogFile parameter when “mvn liquibase:diff”?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I removed the diffChangelogFile parameter, then the output show the

two db is same. But in fact, the two db is different.

In the same time, it shows correct diff information by using the “liquibase diff” in command line with same configuration.

So I think the issue is not diffChangeLogFile parameter, it is just

“mvn liquibase:diff” issue.

mvn liquibase:diff 

 “liquibase diff” in command line

I figure out it. 

 It works after I changed the “liquibase-maven-plugin” from 3.2.1 to 3.0.7. 

Good, always nice when the bug is already fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.


Hard to say based on just this snippet of the POM. One thing that I notice is that in your POM you have execution/configuration/changeLogFile set as well as execution/configuration/diffChangeLogFile set. I am not sure which one the mvn liquibase plugin will use. 

I also see what could be typos in your POM, or they could be intentional, especially ${liquabase.urpasswordl}. It would be good to run mvn with the super-verbose-debug (either -X or --debug) option to see whether the parameters are being filled in as you think they should be.

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I run “mvn liquibase:diff” and already configure the diffChangeLogFile, but the diffChangeLogFile file just have the head information.(like below)

But I run the liquibase diff in the command line way with same configuration, there are correct information in the diffChangeLogFile file.

pom.xml as below:

Is there anyone met the same problem?