How to show an executed SQL for a changelog?


I’m using Liquibase via Spring Integration.

How can I see an executed SQL for a changelog?

PS My goal is to see it in log4j, i tried adding loggers with debug verbosity but it didn’t help.

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Vitaliy S

Okay, so here it goes:

  1. You need to have an instance of Database:


This is implemented in Clj-Liquibase here:

Hope that helps.



Thank you very much for reply.

I’ll what sort of programmatic access do I need?
I have a spring bean which liquibase provided, if needed I can subclass from it and perform all necessary steps, just need a hint where to dig :slight_smile:

Vitaliy S

By using the Liquibase API you can generate the set of SQL statements that will be executed for a given change. This, however, requires programmatic access.



Hi all,

So as i came across the same problem i decided to share my solution (propably not the best).

As i’m also using the Spring integration i knew i have to ‘hook’ my code to print out the statements. 

That is because the SpringLiquibase class is using the update(context) method from the Liquibase


I extended the SpringLiquibase class and overwritten the afterPropertiesSet() method. Here is how:

  1. @Override
  2. kumar.shantanu's comment (thanks for it)!

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