How to skip failed changesets but display them with the error message in a log / output?

I am trying to implement MS SQL database update scenario with Liquibase 4.16.1, running it in Teamcity agent.
I use “Update” command and have a root .xml file with a lot of .sql changelog files in several folders.
Developers update some .sql files and sometimes create new ones.

Usually, when an error occures in .sql file the whole run of update fails at the bad .sql file.
I would like to skip bad file and continue with other files, displaying failed files with error message in a log or regular output, as it does in a regulag run (perhaps with a shorter message, if possible).
When I use “failOnError” changeset option it silently skipps the bad file but does not display any error.
It is possible to check updated files in DATABASECHANGELOG table or run a status command, but would be great to display errors during “update” run.

Any ideas?

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